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Fra'mani Salame Rosa I: Red & Yellow Peppers
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Fra'mani Salame Rosa I: Red & Yellow Peppers

Recipe Description

Italco carries several of these ingredients. Please see "Related Items" to the right for ingredients used in this recipe.  

Servings 1
  •  1 ciabatta roll
  •  3 ounces very thinly sliced Fra’ Mani Salame Rosa
  •  2-½ tablespoons Divina Roasted Red and Yellow Pepper strips
  •  homemade mayonnaise

1. Slice a fresh ciabatta roll in half and spread a thin layer of homemade
mayonnaise on either side of the bread.
2. Evenly distribute the red and yellow pepper strips on both sides of the
bread with some of the juices from the packing container.
3. Lay the sliced Salame Rosa on the peppers from one end of the bread
to the other in loose, overlapping folds.
4. Gently close the two sides of the bread so that the sandwich maintains