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Quick Overview

Over one hundred years ago, Giuseppe Pollio came to the United States bringing with him a recipe for success - his family's old world tradition of Italian cheesemaking.

The Pollio centennial celebration marks 100 years of quality cheese-making and heritage since he came through Ellis Island and set up his ricotta and mozzarella kettles on the beach at Coney Island, in Brooklyn, NY.

Today, Pollio Italian Cheese Company is one of the country's largest producers of Italian cheeses, offering a full line of premium Italian cheeses and snacks. Making almost 100 million pounds of premium Italian cheese each year, POLLY-O® still makes cheese with the classic Italian techniques mastered by Giuseppe Pollio a century ago.

Product Description

Award-Winning Consistent Quality


Impastata — Silver Medal, Ricotta Class, NYS Fair Dairy Products Competition

• Over a century of Italian cheesemaking expertise goes into producing these award-winning cheeses.

• Made from farm-fresh, Grade-A milk.  No preservatives added.

• Rigorous, ongoing testing confirms consistent taste, texture and color.

• USDA-approved facilities and extensive quality assurance program ensure highest product

quality before shipping.



• Fresh, delicate cheese with a very light flavor and the consistency of soft sweet butter.

• Takes on sugar easily.

• A drier, firmer Ricotta, used for fillings for pasta and Italian pastries.


Unique Culinary Appeal

• Excellent recipe ingredient valued for its stabilizing properties.

• Keeps recipe ingredients in suspension so they don’t break or separate.

• Enriches and smoothes recipe textures.

• Add to poaching liquids.

• Use in place of butter, cream or crème fraîche.

• Use in place of roux or arrowroot as a thickener.


Value to the Menu

• Adds authentic old-world flavor and texture to traditional Italian dishes (from calzones to baked ziti) and desserts (from cannoli and cheesecake to cream puffs).

• Sweet and savory contemporary preparations benefit from the light texture and creamy fresh taste (dessert soufflés and pies, omelets, crêpes, salads, topping for fresh fruits).

• Superior quality and premium image allow higher menu pricing.